Your Staff Is Your Most Valued Resource

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Your Staff Is Your Most Valued Resource

A leader who invests in staff will gain great benefits, as what they don’t tell you  is that your staff is your most valued resource.

You cannot do it alone. If you start out as a sole trader and are committed to growth, you will need help to keep your business afloat. Partnerships require support from inception. Whichever path you travel in business, support is crucial. To receive the highest level of productivity, the most brilliant ideas, commitment and dedication to tasks, care and investment are required. Your staff will value you when they recognise that you value them. Here are a few ideas you can implement to create an atmosphere of harmony amongst your staff. 

Be Approachable

Your staff must see you as a leader with which they can be open and honest. Hesitation and fear kills the vibrancy in staff members and they will gradually lose interest in working for you. Avail yourself to listen and understand their concern 

Be Flexible 

No one enjoys being in a ‘hard and fast’ working environment. Give your staff some time to do personal business and relax. Little or no break from work will result in decreased motivation. If possible, create flexi-hours or a shift schedule that enables all to benefit from some ‘down time’. Note that this will be dependent on your business operations; establish the flexibility on terms that will not affect the business negatively. 


It is necessary to let your staff know that you are recognising the hard work they do. Creating a reward system will not only encourage productivity but will also be a source of motivation. While many staff members are intrinsically motivated, many rely on extrinsic means to push through the tough times and aid in the process of driving results. 

Offer Training 

Almost all employees are concerned about their opportunity to grow within their area of specialization. Everyone’s aim is to be self-fulfilled. Invest in their personal development as their growth correlates with the growth of the business. Employees will also feel a level of self-satisfaction from this effort and will view you as a leader that cares for their personal needs.

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