Digital Transformation For Small Businesses

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Mohan Beckford

What is the reality of small businesses’ adoption of digitization in their businesses? This is a vital question for any well-thinking business operator to contemplate on. Digitizing one’s small business has become important with the current technological ecosystem we live in and Jamaica’s rapid adoption of e-commerce technology. Chief Vision Officer of Next Step Digital Solutions (NSDS), Mohan Beckford, says given the current economic climate small businesses need digitization to survive.

After years of working with small businesses, he saw the need to invest in digitization, despite the fact that many were still experiencing challenges optimizing the platforms to benefit their operations. To remedy this challenge, he launched the annual Small Business Transformation Competition which aims to bring increased digital equity and inclusivity to local business operators. Additionally, the competition empowers small businesses and created an opening for Jamaican businesses through an online marketplace and a small business directory where small businesses can list online free of cost.

Chief Vision Officer, Next Step Digital Solutions, Mohan Beckford shares more on Sunrise. Watch the interview here:

Digital Transformation For Small Business
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