The Social Media Guide For Startups

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The Ideal Social Media Guide For Startups

Your business idea is finally a reality, congrats to you! The next step is to get the word out, the closest and most inexpensive tool to you is social media; here is the social media guide for startups. These channels are excellent for business awareness, engagement and even sales. 

It must be noted that, depending on your type of business, you may not require social media. However, you must clearly define your goals and decide if these channels are worth investing the time to build an online brand affinity. 

This article serves as an introduction to social media channels and the way in which businesses can maximize their benefits. 


This channel remains the largest with 1.6 million monthly users. Used to connect with families and friends, the channel facilitates a space for businesses to engage with customers both organically and paid. The channel facilitates content in various forms including photos, videos and written status. 


With over 400 million monthly users, Instagram is the place for Millenials and Gen Z. Photos and videos are used to capture experiences in industries which mainly encompasses travel, food and business. As the platform grows, people are utilising the channel in many different ways. Businesses are fully establishing their brands through continuous communication through this means. This is definitely a good way to kickstart your awareness once it is deemed necessary to reach your target. 


Conversations and more conversations. The use of this channel slightly varies from Facebook and Instagram as it is less use of photos and videos communicating messages,  and more text. Usually, trending topics worldwide are discussed on this platform and it does provide room for customer complaints. Your business can maximize its marketing effort on this platform by being present, actively participating, starting conversations and listening. 


This channel has a more corporate approach which emphasizes professionalism. It is another way to open the gate of awareness and build your customer base. As small businesses, you can also utilize this platform as a networking tool, searching and collaborating with both businesses and clients. 

These channels are good for small businesses as it facilitates content that can be easily developed in house in a cost efficient manner. Also, they are easy to use and do not require specialised resources for daily execution. Whatever social media channel you decide on, ensure that your marketing strategy guides the process.

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