Tackling the Strengths and Weaknesses of an Entrepreneur

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Tackling the Strengths and Weaknesses of an Entrepreneur

While growing up, I have always heard people say “Work on your weaknesses, maximize your strengths”; Pretty much, you should work and maximize on both, tackling the strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur. 

In order to address your weaknesses and strengths appropriately, a self-audit must be done. Why is this important? Most people have not even started to think about their strong and weak points and while some may know, they have not spent enough time to be very clear on the necessary actions that may be required. 

As an entrepreneur, it is critical that you are very aware of your strengths and weaknesses. This will assist in positioning you for personal and business success. We all know that many people’s weaknesses are hidden but the fact is that is not the right approach. While you are not required to scream these drawbacks to the globe, you should be honest with yourself and seek to get help in improving. 

Your Strengths

This may be a given because most focus is here. Being confident, an excellent speaker, great negotiator and an excellent marketer are just some of the many strengths that can be found in entrepreneurs. Whatever strength you possess, use them wisely to differentiate yourself and your business. 

  • Create a unique value proposition 
  • Develop a marked difference in the way you drive awareness about your brand(s)
  • Spend time to continuously improve the quality your offer (goods and/or services)
  • Attract your clients or customers in unique ways and continuously derive ways to maintain their interests

The above points are applications and in doing so, simultaneously you will be maximizing your potential and abilities and the growth of the business. 

Your Weaknesses

Your weakness could be easily compared to your fears. There is always a bit of hesitation in confronting, accepting and working on them but unless you do so, they will always remain as your weaknesses. A very optimistic approach is to see these weak points as opportunities and not drawbacks. 

  • Be honest with yourself 
  • Recognise and accept that no one is perfect including you
  • Speak with someone confidential and experienced if you need help
  • Find ways that work for you  to continuously improve – soon you will be making applications with your strengths. 

Note that neither the applications of your strengths or steps to address and improve your weaknesses are exhaustive. 

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