Self Development Is Synced With Business Growth

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Character Building 

There are a myriad of training sessions and thousands of books with which you can engage to be a better version of yourself. Ernest Hemingway states, “There is nothing more noble in being superior to your fellow man, true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

An entrepreneur’s character determines the direction of the business. There has to be some amount of backbone, strong bone, broad bone. Get it? Operating a business requires energy, strength, flexibility and an ever evolving mind. All this is engulfed in character. Criticisms are unavoidable – both of the self and your output. It is essential to be able to filter criticisms; accept and apply what is uplifting and erase what is unhelpful.  In doing so, you will be able to progress in a manner that is benefiting to the business and stakeholders alike. Character building incorporates all experiences through the life of the entrepreneur and the business. You may agree that all obstacles or drawbacks have a positive outcome; simply said, endurance of the tough times will build tough character. That is what an entrepreneur requires. Read more on Entrepreneurs who Survive.

Explore Knowledge Area

Most entrepreneurs are inspired by a series of fantastic ideas and others definitely know what their passion (or money making strategy) is. Whatever it is for you, ensure that you are on a mission to continuously learn and improve in the business area of choice. The world is constantly evolving, demands are fluctuating and the customer needs are ever changing. As the boss, you must be in the loop! Get enrolled in specialized courses, read books related to your business area, join a community that shares common interest. Whatever route you take, ensure that your knowledge increases as this will directly impact the performance of your business and of course, customers perceptions. 


Entrepreneurs will join groups and attend events with the sole purpose of selling their business but how about changing that purpose? Sell you. Genuinely connect with people for the purpose of expanding your associations rather than trying to do a hard sell. Networking is a platform via which you, as the entrepreneur, can learn, interact, get ideas, be motivated etc. It is an inspiration when you are amongst people who are on the same path. Two things happen; you get to motivate those you are ahead of and those ahead of you become your motivating source. 

Business development is synonymous to self-development; you are the engine, the director – Be just that. Be the better version of you every day and watch your business grow. 

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