Here Is What Successful Entrepreneurs Have To Say About Business

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Here is What Successful Entrepreneurs Have To Say About Business

A key lesson in life is to stay close to people who will propel you, those you will learn from and those who make you feel good about life; here is what successful entrepreneurs have to say about business.

If you want  to be successful, you have to find people who have been there and experienced your current struggles. While these people may not be physically accessible, the internet has created a global world, so dive in and reap the rewards.

Oprah Winfrey 

As stellar black woman who has experienced humble beginnings, Oprah is known worldwide for her TV show, philanthropic efforts and is now the owner of her TV station.

If you listen to Oprah, she speaks immensely on discovering purpose. For her, business is not just about doing to receive; she believes that the entrepreneur must be driven by purpose and the end goal must be to impact the lives of others. Oprah often speaks about her dismissal from her first job as a reporter and how it led her to bring her dreams to reality and the impact it has on many lives worldwide. 

The lesson from Oprah is to be bold, be introspective and make what you do not only beneficial for you, but for humanity.   

Richard Branson

Owner of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson is known for his adventurous and risk-taking spirit. “Business is not about ties, suits and briefcases. It is about adventure.” In one of Branson’s books, Finding My Virginity, he concretizes the importance of always inventing and recreating – there is always something new to do. Like Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson believes in tapping into your purpose and following your dreams – this is translated into what you do as business. 

The lesson from Richard Branson is to believe, take the risk and remain relevant. 

Steve Jobs


You get it right? One word and you know who this man is. CEO and Co-founder of Apple Inc, Steve has left an indelible mark in the field of business. Again, he speaks profoundly on the purpose of the business – finding your ‘WHY’. His belief is that customers do not just buy products and services, they purchase because of the ‘why’. If you think sustainably, you will understand the relevance of this statement. All longlasting companies have been operating for a cause which impacts humanity in some way – this is the reason they grow and become renowned in the operating space.

The lesson from Steve Jobs is to look at the bigger picture.  

Jeff Bezos

Founder and Executive Chair of the online market space, Jess Bezos is known famously for his operation of Amazon from his garage in Seattle. After being shut down by former boss David E. Shaw for his idea of an online bookstore, Bezos took on the challenge himself to make the most of his idea. What started out as an online bookstore is now a multibillion dollar retailer that is a one-stop-shop for everything- from electronics to simple household items.

The lesson from Jeff Bezos is to be determined and persevere. The belief you have in your ideas, despite failures, is solely dependent on your ability to persevere.

On a wrap, one thing keeps recurring – purpose. What is yours and is your business a reflection?

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