Entrepreneurs Who Survive

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The word survive is deliberately used in the title of this article to communicate two main things:

  1. Entrepreneurship takes a lot of work!
  2. You have to be tough to push through

Here’s a look of the personality traits that help entrepreneurs to survive:


It is a fact that the money will not be enough to keep you moving at times. There are really low days and the only thing that will be able to give you a push is your intrinsic motivation. You have to dig deep sometimes…very deep. This is why it is important to invest in self-development. Read Self Development is Synced with Business Growth


Most times determination and perseverance are used interchangeably. However, there is a marked difference in the world of entrepreneurship. Determination is not giving up – trying again. Perseverance has more depth. When you hit rock bottom and you find the strength to dig deep, keep your head up and optimize p your performance, that is perseverance. It is the art of moving forward despite the worst circumstances and the highest obstacles. 

Risk Taker 

Are you really up for the challenge? Then you have to put on the ‘risk jacket’. You may be thinking that you a risk taker because you have started the business and it has been going well. Well, you should know, that is not the end of taking risks because bigger risks will pop up e.g. a small decision with great impact on customers and other stakeholders. While you can never be fully prepared, operate with an open mind and be willing to adjust…quickly.

Undoubtedly there are many more traits that are required for smooth operations of the business, however the aforementioned are classified as top three (3). Read Do’s and Dont’s of  Entrepreneurs Who Survive

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