Benefits of a Mentor to an Entrepreneur

Benefits of a Mentor to an Entrepreneur

The benefits of a mentor to  an entrepreneur are immeasurable; In every instance of our lives, we will find people ahead of us or behind us. In no one instance is everyone at the same place, hence the importance of experience. You will never know everything.

How to Stay Focus as an Entrepreneur

How to Stay Focused as an Entrepreneur

 A question that is frequently asked is, “How to stay focused as an Entrepreneur”? Focus, as a verb, means to pay particular attention to something. Now this word can be one of the easiest to write ‘theoretically’ and the hardest to execute. That is a fact. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Entrepreneurs Who Survive


The do’s and don’ts of entrepreneurial survival specifically relates to you, the entrepreneur, as YOU are the engine of your business.  Anything you do for yourself is directly related to the direction of your business.