Your Staff Is Your Most Valued Resource

The first thing the majority will think of when they hear the term networking is the opportunity to create personal connections, the real question is however, how to make networking beneficial  to your business? While building connections is one advantage, the benefits are varied, especially for small businesses. As the representative of your business, you must understand and be able to maximize these benefits.

YOU Are The Engine Of Your Business

YOU are the engine of your business

In entrepreneurship, remember that YOU are the engine of your business. Most entrepreneurs focus so much on getting the business off the ground and making the money. It is all about the money!  While those are essential, YOU are most important. There would be no idea without you. There would be no business without you. There would be no money without you. The point is that self-investment is necessary. Not many sources will address the importance of the entrepreneur managing one’s self but the stance is clear – business is not possible without YOU.

The Benefits of Networking to Small Businesses

Benefits of Networking to Small Businesses

Benefits of Networking to Small Businesses, networking is a platform via which you, as the entrepreneur, can learn, interact, get ideas, be motivated, etc; however, some entrepreneurs will join groups and attend events with the sole purpose of selling their business but how about changing that purpose? Sell you. Genuinely connect with people to expand your associations rather than try to do a hard sell. It is an inspiration when you are amongst people who are on the same path.

The Social Media Guide For Startups

The Ideal Social Media Guide For Startups

Your business idea is finally a reality, congrats to you! The next step is to get the word out, the closest and most inexpensive tool to you is social media; here is the social media guide for startups. These channels are excellent for business awareness, engagement and even sales. 

The Basics Of Influencer Marketing For Startups

Basics of Influencer Marketing For Startups

As a new business, one of your biggest goals is to create awareness, as such you will need to explore the basics of influencer marketing for startups. Because you will be at the awareness phase for a significant period, depending on your target group, influencers can help to power your business through different means.

5 Ways To Boost Productivity For Your Business

5 Ways To Boost Productivity In Your Business

Mental and physical energy is crucial to this game of business ownership there are several relationships to maintain, several milestones to meet and a ton of problems popping up on a daily basis; nonetheless, there are 5 ways to boosts productivity for your business.

Accounting Tools For Your Business

Accounting Tools For Your Business

Accounting tools for your business serves more as an asset to the business than that of an expense, however, many small entrepreneurs make the mistake of not taking their business’ cash flow seriously. This is one of the main reasons why most startups die within their first 5 years.

How Entrepreneurs Start Their Day

How Entrepreneurs Start Their Day

The alarm goes off, you are still yearning for sleep…darn it is another day; there are however, some quick tips on how entrepreneurs start their day in a positive mood.