The Social Media Guide For Startups

The Ideal Social Media Guide For Startups

Your business idea is finally a reality, congrats to you! The next step is to get the word out, the closest and most inexpensive tool to you is social media; here is the social media guide for startups. These channels are excellent for business awareness, engagement and even sales. 

Good Customer Experience Is The Route For Success

Good Customer Experience Is The Route For Success

Good customer experience is the route to success. Whenever you think of good customer service you think Amazon, you think of the efficiency with delivery as well as customer care response; in general, good customer experience keeps customers coming back.

Costly Mistakes To Avoid Aa A Small Business Owner

Costly Mistakes To Avoid As a Small Business Owner

No one is perfect and neither is your business, things will never be one hundred percent smooth and you will make mistakes; while some mistakes are inevitable to foster the learning process, nonetheless, there are a few costly mistakes to avoid as a small business owner. This is one of the main reasons why mentors are important as they guide the way based on their experiences. 

5 Ways To Boost Productivity For Your Business

5 Ways To Boost Productivity In Your Business

Mental and physical energy is crucial to this game of business ownership there are several relationships to maintain, several milestones to meet and a ton of problems popping up on a daily basis; nonetheless, there are 5 ways to boosts productivity for your business.

How Entrepreneurs Start Their Day

How Entrepreneurs Start Their Day

The alarm goes off, you are still yearning for sleep…darn it is another day; there are however, some quick tips on how entrepreneurs start their day in a positive mood.

Professionalism-It Counts

Professionalism-It Counts

Most businesses start out small, with very little resources; time goes by and operations expands, the structure changes and gradually a larger business is established; In the midst of changes, some things are constant – one such is professionalism- it counts. 


Overcoming The Fear Of Public Speaking

A great public speaker captures the hearts and minds of the audience, this article will provide some insight on how to overcome the fear of public speaking. There are those who twirl their toes at the thought of standing in front of an audience (big or small) to make a delivery. Well, if you are one of those people, blame the fear on your perception. 

How To Make Networking Beneficial To Your Business

How To Make Networking Beneficial To Your Business

The first thing the majority will think of when they hear the term networking is the opportunity to create personal connections, the real question is however, how to make networking beneficial  to your business?

Do’s and Don’ts of Entrepreneurs Who Survive


The do’s and don’ts of entrepreneurial survival specifically relates to you, the entrepreneur, as YOU are the engine of your business.  Anything you do for yourself is directly related to the direction of your business.