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With this project, we were charged with the responsibility of giving Warriors Musick Productions (WMP) a modern look and feel. One that speaks to the professional nature of the company, but also integrates well with modern technologies and feature within the music industry.

WMP is a well know music Production Company in Jamaica that has been around for many years and has worked with many top artists from Dance Hall to Reggae.


  • Restructure information architecture to better connect their distinct audiences with a web space that is relevant to their music and requirements
  • Improve, look and feel, navigation, connecting solutions to relevant technologies (YouTube, iTunes, Soundcloud, etc.) to drive engagement in content, reinforce sales and build towards conversions
  • Enhance storytelling experience to convey values, culture, and improve recruitment with a brand new music library and a section for an artist to have an account where they upload their music.
  • Implement a brand new blog to amplify their content and engage their audience


  • Brand Positioning
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Website Design & Development
  • UX & Prototyping
  • Custom WordPress
  • Information Architecture
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Content Strategy
  • Speed Optimization

When it comes to WMP website’s visitors, WMP has several distinct audiences, each with their own goals and requirements. So, for the website redesign, we applied the bulk of our focus to implementing modern technologies that are familiar, aesthetics, creating a smooth user experience for each audience, and connecting each of them to relevant music genre based on their individual requirements.

From a style perspective, it was important to WMP that we strike a balance between fun and dynamic and serious and professional. For this reason, we chose to apply a familiar feeling of Red and White palette, contrasted against a black background. We also added some YouTube Videos and Soundcloud streams, which adds to the fun and dynamic vibe of the site, especially for mobile users. Finally, we included lots of tracks to show the dynamics of WMP.

If you are a musician who wants to get your music to the world and be associated with a solid brand, WMP’s website will certainly help with that. The integration of one-click purchase for iTunes, ease of navigation, song preview and much more cool features will give you peace of mind.

Required Technologies

WordPress, PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

Skills Required

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