The redesign of this non-profit websites was an amazing journey. This successful redesign utilizes a variety of marketing tools, from brand recognition and credibility to engagement, and of course, browser performance.

Understanding what questions to ask and the top considerations in a non-profit website redesign is the first step in making it a valuable asset that advances the mission and drives success.

Our strategy phase began with a meeting in the founder (Mare Cashpole). We reviewed the organization, value-proposition and differentiators, business and website goals, 12-month strategic plan, and more.

Based on the goals of the organization, the most important phase in the strategy development stage was to establish and develop site-user personas. This helps our team to ensure the information architecture, design, and functionality are user-centered.

One of the biggest challenges of the project strategy was revamping the sitemap. The sitemap should not be confusing or lack clear user-journeys and goal funnels. As such, our marketing team conducted a closed card-sorting usability activity. This activity sets the stage before we ultimately use the personas, user journeys, and research to outline the final information architecture.

Once the website architect was completed, the team moved onto the design phase. The design of Encourage You On’s website, sets the tone for the brand, establishing credibility and reinforcing trust in an eye’s glance. The design is clean, easy to use, and most importantly, its information architect encourages users to explore. We integrate the organization’s social tools to create deeper engagement, giving their community good reasons to share content.

Following the rebranding and website redesign project, Encourage Yu On is now furnished with a captivating visual brand presence and a website that highlights the core areas in which the organization serves. Most importantly engages users to help build a better future for the youths of Hamilton, Ontario.