Project Description

Design by CW is a wedding and event stationery design company. They provide stationery to include but not limited to wedding invitations, programs, etc. click here to view their portfolio.

Next Step Digital Solutions built this website with Designs by CW brand in mind. The initial instruction was the desire to have a website that is clean, elegant, appealing and speaks to the international market. As such, the website was elegantly designed with some interactive features, subtle but appealing colour palette and lovely aesthetics that is a result of a combination of classic and modern styles. The design conveys all the relevant information beautifully and efficiently. Visiting the website, visitors are instantly engaged thanks to the beautiful designs and engaging call to action above the fold of the website.

During the process of designing the website, the client gave us the opportunity to do a complete rebranding by allowing us to redesign the logo and business card. See samples below.

The designs are all clean, structured and eye-pleasing. The beauty of the website and other designs lies in a meticulous attention to details, gorgeous colour scheme and plenty of white space. The team working closely with the client uncovers the workflow step by step.